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FemaleExcellence woman elegance

Female Excellence Note

Welcome to Female Excellence !
:pointr: GROUP CREATED ON 17.04.2012

Created to promote the female beauty in all its splendor,with a wide range of categories to show perfection !

:pointr: 6300 views in 1 month :la:

:pointr: Our purpose is to gather great artists from dA and also their work, so lets hope for the very best !

We are glad you clicked on our group, feel free to inspect every folder that the group has to offer from the gallery. :aww:




:bulletred: Coment on what would you like to improve to our group here ->…

:bulletred: Read me !!! ->…

:bulletyellow: I did not have the time to mass message the wrong submitted art this month for, some images expired, and got auto-deleted due to dA limited time of keeping a submitted image, so if you still have the time to re-submit them, just please add them to the rightful category, due to rules, it is easier to quickly accept it,rather than keep it until I mass message all wrong submitted art... thank you and have a nice day !

:bulletgreen: Finally some free time to make the art promotion !!! :#1: !
Looking forward on some of these quality submissions and also on improvement, cause every time there is space for improvements ;), experiment with your tools of the trade and never be afraid of adding new experiences to your art !

Have a marvelous day and good luck for the next competition !:meow:


Back to School 10 by platen Myriam by ForlornTreasures Veronika 7. by GothicWave
Mon Repos 4 by silverwing-sparrow Kisska 8051 by smoke-dymok Early morning fog 1 by Estelle-Photographie
Red Jones August 2014 15 by AB-Digital-Media White dream by Mishkina Theresa 22 by SpawlPhoto
LegsEmporium Elena in Quads by LegsEmporium :thumb509270093: Trainstation by Panzerknacker1
LegsEmporium Iryna Amazing by LegsEmporium


Fashion Decode 01 by corvus-crux Rose Tint My World by DeVera-Grey Dutch Cottage by ForlornTreasures
Julia and Shaherezada by ShakilovNeel Marisia 4 by ebenbrooks Devil's princess 3 by Estelle-Photographie
Black Princess 1 by Estelle-Photographie


The Russian Beauty (Alexa) 01 by TanyaMochalova Ultraviolet by luciekout Nastya by TanyaMochalova
Beauty by kozyafffka Masca Zambitoare by aaawhyme In her heart by DmitryElizarov
Sparkling Bronze by ClaudiaFMiranda Nothing can come between us by aggestardust Caged by MD-Arts
Black Gold gerl Body-art by Afemera Geminae II by SilverWolfieShizuma # 1 Red by Mishkina
Behind blue leaves by Tars1s Swamp beauty by aggestardust Nathalie 2 by Estelle-Photographie
Portrait by PumpkynModel


Olga 1823 by smoke-dymok Angela IX by Milton-Andrews Oksana 5437 by smoke-dymok
Under wather by Mishkina Kate Upton by Yneddt


Under the Christmas Tree by Mrs-Durden In Your Hand by GoettlicherMarkgraf Sweet Touch by ShakilovNeel
VanyLove 03 by NecroMensRea Momentum by stefangrosjean Good girl gone bad by Claudiamarusanici
Jessica - 4388 by grodpro Nicole Vaunt 7.1 by Scottworldwide Laura II by BW-999
V-4714 by effjot Leana 7587 by smoke-dymok Lucille - 8812 by grodpro
Pink Lingerie by Yneddt Silent Desire by srefislimited Bree Addams 2.2 by Scottworldwide
Katze Frau by DeVera-Grey


Vocaloid - World's End Dancehall feat by vaxzone Ichihara Yuuko - xxxHolic - Hitsuzen by LadyRoseTea It's coronation day! by Mowwiie
Snow Pilot by ForlornTreasures Juri Han by adelhaid Green Lantern by segnisullapelle
Elsa - Here I stand by vaxzone Sivir and Miss Fortune LoL Pool Party by andrewhitc Booker... you  were my only friend by LilSophie
Trinity Blood :: Pope's Death by pingtimeout Elizabeth  Bioshock: Burial at Sea by LilSophie Boa Hancock and rocks by bellatrixaiden
Hey You by umibe Yuuko Ichihara by bellatrixaiden Yes! This is LEEEELOOOO - 2014 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai
DOA Kasumi Cosplay CG by plu-moon League of Legends - Championship Riven by vaxzone Drakengard 3 Zero Cosplay by Fantalusy
Lady Death and Vampirella by Fiora-solo-top Ada Wong by Fiora-solo-top Amy Xmas X by Milton-Andrews


Double Wing by killerpeach94 Unleashing my inner Drag Queen by killerpeach94 Ultraviolet by Chuchy5
Halo by killerpeach94 Mermaid by killerpeach94


Nightmare beforre Christmas Lip Art by Chuchy5 Lights and shadows by Chuchy5 Overhydration by Chuchy5
Countryside Waterfall Lip Art by Chuchy5 Pour some sugar on me by Chuchy5 St. Paul's Cathedral Lip Art by Chuchy5
Fire and Flames Lip Art by Chuchy5 Santa Claus and Rudolph Lip Art by Chuchy5


Soft Shudders by stefangrosjean Gold Rush by fotodesign1 Karin 2.1 by Scottworldwide
. by FotobyVarvar Ann by photoport Constellations - Manifold by MD-Arts
Rachel Dashae 3.2 by Scottworldwide DMGremlin Lighting Class: Merrique 533 by ebenbrooks Power. Seduction. Cries by Claudiamarusanici
Orient by DmitryElizarov Santa Baby 1 by NecroMensRea Sweet Surprise by charmeurindien
[ n. a. t. ]2-jpg by FlorianWeiler Katia by Philgoude Venus Withoot Furs by LLOYDMWRIGHT
Verronica, from Light to Shadow by Alan-H-Bruce Mon plus Cher Amor by rasmus-art Red Haired Woman by janlykke


Industrial Shooting 1 by Azaak Maegan Machine II by Ultimate-Psycho Ginger Pepper II by Ultimate-Psycho
Lost Craving by lowtekphoto Elevator and Light 01 by GuldorPhotography Heterandria - by BelindaBartzner
Tremulous by DirkHooper Karma 1 by Scottworldwide Emily Marilyn IV by Ultimate-Psycho
Feminazi by Cyril-Helnwein Chained by Mishkina


Angel of Mercy by EstherPuche-Art Justice by Iskander1989 sunset mermaid by Lolita-Artz
On the Rocks by Bunnyr0se Living Hope by Iskander1989 R a p u n z e l by Corvinerium
Red Autumn by DigitalDreams-Art Sin City Stillwater Dame by rsiphotography Alice by MariaSemelevich
Treasures Of The Sea by Corvinerium Memories by Iskander1989 Slavic mythology. Vuzhalka by Vasylina
Spirit of the forest by Spiegellicht Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Clockwork Fairy by AlexandraVBach
Deep Allure by SweediesArt

Digital Drawing

RC Wonder Woman - Colored by eHillustrations Cornucopia by Ros-Kovac Unwrapping a present by PersonalAmi
the Witch Lilith by PascaldeJong Dorothy Gale-v2 by wawa3761 The nurse by Lynxander
Cersei Lannister by Darkness-Fallen Batgirl by Didi-Esmeralda HAPPY 2015 by Pablocomics
Poison-Ivy by PastyWhite Mermaid, work in progress by PatrykWojciechowicz RC Roxy - Colored by eHillustrations
Perfect by VarshaVijayan Showertime by tuonenjoutsen Happy Holidays Fanart Elsa by Didi-Esmeralda
Shahrazad (By Shannon Maer) by Shannon-Maer Frozen - Princess Anna by eHillustrations Frozen - Queen Elsa by eHillustrations
Oni by onitonari A Word in Your Eye by Amro0 Lara and the tentacles by Pablocomics
Vespucci Beach party by tuonenjoutsen


Power Nap by Life-takers-crayons Ana Maria Ilinca drawing 16 by caiusaugustus particolare della cover per Lanciostory/Skorpio by michelacacciatore
thoughts by Pidimoro Anjou by DaveLukas Solar Flare by Life-takers-crayons
Below The Equator by Life-takers-crayons In the dark night by bohomaz13 Interview with a Young Artist by Sloppygee
Floating by KanchanCollage It's winter, babe! by Cora-Tiana For Just a Moment by bm23
Anjou 2 by DaveLukas Read my mind by Cora-Tiana Wet fairytale by XRlS
Sea of Thoughts by XRlS blue nude by scifo Counting Fingers by Life-takers-crayons
... an another page from my sketchbook by PatrykWojciechowicz Ships depart by bohomaz13 Luciana portrait sketch by FranciscoETCHART

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BrittMartin Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Many thanks for accepting my work!
StevenEls Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for accepting my work!
jennystokes Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Professional General Artist
I have 3 pics waiting since the 26th March?
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
Must probably those wore submitted to a wrong category or declined !
Be patient, I have 50 pages of wrong subbmited art, which will be mass-messaged has I get the time to do so ...
jennystokes Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Professional General Artist
If they had been declined.....I would see this.
Oh.......I do hope I didn't submit wrongly...if so I apologise.
Thank you for replying.
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
No problem, maybe those are lost somewhere around the pages of wrong subbmited art ... :laughing: ...
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Zombixxx Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
Can i join?
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
jennystokes Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Professional General Artist
Do you only have young people here?
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
No....all ages are around here :) ...
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