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Female Excellence Note

Welcome to Female Excellence !
:pointr: GROUP CREATED ON 17.04.2012

Created to promote the female beauty in all its splendor,with a wide range of categories to show perfection !

:pointr: 6300 views in 1 month :la:

:pointr: Our purpose is to gather great artists from dA and also their work, so lets hope for the very best !

We are glad you clicked on our group, feel free to inspect every folder that the group has to offer from the gallery. :aww:




#20 Monthly Art Promoting Contest [18.06.2014]

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 18, 2014, 3:11 AM

:bulletred: Read me !!! ->…

:bulletyellow:Yeah.....I know it took some time to make this art promotion...but with all the work and the group becoming bigger it is quite hard for me to manage the group. This month I did not mass mesage all wrong subbmited art,I will do it later when I get the time :(....will be left to enter on the next promotion thou :).
A lot of good pieces of art, gotta admit it, so dedicated this day to make it perfect ! :aww:...
Have a marvelous day and good luck for the next competition !:meow:


my Heels, my Bag, my Car... by Panzerknacker1 Queen of the desert by silverwing-sparrow [ J. A. N. ]16 by FlorianWeiler
Black Russian by ForlornTreasures The Fortune Teller by a1photographe Stock-Photo [72] by Model-Salvaje
Lucy III by HazelanPhotography Can you put price on peace? by Azaak Leana 7610 by smoke-dymok
Dancing on the Rooftop by Kissed-By-Coldness Photoshoot - Red summer 20 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai Stock-Photo [127] by Model-Salvaje
Nu goth by SilverWolfieShizuma It's In The Cards by a1photographe Di 9006 by smoke-dymok


October by Mihaela-V Pink Summer 2 by Estelle-Photographie silent storm by emznocedo
Wonderland by paintedpoppy The origin of a river by Spiegellicht


White by Spiegellicht Eva by OlgaAthens Wylona Hayashi wearing my Ouija Board Bikini by ShayneOtheDead
Plus que ma propre vie by LienSkullova GEEK by SilverWolfieShizuma Spring time by TophWei
Vintage by MD-Arts Spring Flavour by ShakilovNeel Sour Girl by nikongriffin
[ H. E. N. ]01 by FlorianWeiler black by sprenzynka Pop Art by Chuchy5
Steffi by ForlornTreasures Hollywood star by KseniaAltmann Tame Sky by ComicFiction
Self-portrait by loreelamia Letizia P.G. by EricLG White Hair by Estelle-Photographie

+ Special art promotion
For great skill, great models and a special style of photography.
Marina Braun 2 by cbyn Kristina Shershunova by cbyn Helen Hayes by cbyn
Latte 21 by cbyn Marina Stenko 2 by cbyn


Rochelle Valuer by a-wednesday Inna 7334 by smoke-dymok Angel Dies by ShayneOtheDead
Leana 7753 by smoke-dymok Nice View by srefislimited


#NakedVisit by JFairy Inked Babydoll by MD-Arts Eliza Winn Boykin by a-wednesday
Springtime :-) by Panzerknacker1 Dominika by luciekout Crazystyle 12 by NecroMensRea
Deadra Glamour III by Milton-Andrews Afternoon Delight by nikongriffin Wioletta 2 by Scottworldwide
Nice morning by lesyakikh Sweet Ass by BlackSunRising Black Lingerie on a Forrest Road by janlykke


Elizabeth by adelhaid Elsa Portrait - Stock by MariaAmanda Tauriel - The Hobbit I by fiathriel
Chrysalid by MD-Arts Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge 2014 by luciekout Ashe - Freljord queen by Azaak
Aveline de grandpre by Sunymao BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Elizabeth by Kiara-Valentine Santa  Muerte #1 by klapouch
Rogue Bishoujo ver. Cosplay by Kitty-Honey Toge-kiss by WhiteSpringPro Morgana Cosplay by Issabel by JuliaSyczewa
Sucker Punch - Baby Doll I by fiathriel Kitty Stretch by DarkFelicia Morgana Cosplay by Issabel by JuliaSyczewa
Dark Phoenix by Lady-I-Hellsing Bulma  Dragonball Z - I by fiathriel Arkham City by Lady-I-Hellsing
Steampunk Alice by vaxzone


Silver Lining by killerpeach94 DEADLY SIGHT II : A DEMONS REVENGE by NaturallyErratic Fade by NaturallyErratic
Electric by NaturallyErratic


Nikon Lip Art by Chuchy5 Sweet Nectar by InnocenceHasDied Pink Panther Lip Art by Chuchy5


long pleasure by Aledgan For Wet It Worth by ShakilovNeel Beach Bums by Cyril-Helnwein
The Woman in The Chair by Tony-Lin Vicki Laursen by simplearts Don't be bookish by gb62da
Kylie 5 by Scottworldwide Stair to Nowhere Ballet by Alan-H-Bruce Amiliya by Aledgan
Abigayle Rockette 4 by Scottworldwide Nightcall by KostasKappa warm winter by IlonaShevchishina
As if by magic by Digigenic En Lodden Affaere II by simplearts Aurore by MD-Arts
Bouleverser by thepailleur What are you up to now? by olideb08 Country Girl by littlemissmaggiemay

+ Special art promotion
Speechless perfection ....
Glowing by stefangrosjean The Red Bed by stefangrosjean Hey Now by stefangrosjean
The Invention Of The Mirror by stefangrosjean Reminisce by stefangrosjean Aware by stefangrosjean


Off-Road - V by Hidrico Whiteout by DirkHooper Bully by DirkHooper
Sister Death by klapouch Coelacanth by DirkHooper Creamsicle by DirkHooper
Little Red Shiny Hood by KodoqKatie Silken by lowtekphoto Manicdelight Bound 2 by lowtekphoto
Miss Strumpf by luciekout Mannequin 3 by Mistress-Zelda


Trois Soeurs Aveugles by MD-Arts Gynoid: Power On by denzleah Journey in The Dark by Amiltarea
From the depths of darkness by Ellyevans679 Fade To Grey by Shedboy68 My favorite Colors by igreeny
Everyday Hurts by Shedboy68 E l s a by Corvinerium Gather Me To You by Shedboy68
Anastasia by alexnoreaga Untitled-1 by igreeny Maleficent by MirellaSantana
Below the Belt by Flobelebelebobele Sad Memories by MasoumehTavakoli Sunset by Art-Kombinat
Rewire by denzleah I can't think of a title by Flobelebelebobele Sahara by TaniaART

Digital Drawing

Elsa Frozen by AyyaSap Water fairies by Avionetca Poolside by CKImagery
Zatanna Zatara by KHAN-04 Dark Eir by ryan-mahendra World Cup Girls - Brazil vs Croatia by CherryInTheSun
Forgive Me by AyyaSap Fionna and Cake by ivstvs Mokosh by SneznyBars
Tifa at Wall Market by DavyWagnarok To Catch A Thief by J-Skipper Cinderella by LazerBat
Dryad and Rogue Commission Colours by Carl-Riley-Art Sakura by PastyWhite Madame Butterfly by aerobicsalmon
Behind These Eyes by Amro0 Golden bird by IgnisFatuusII Maya by MagicnaAnavi


caprice by bohomaz13 One last moment by rollarius55 Blue eyes by sashajoe
Earthshine by Briscott Moleskine sketch no.56 by michikoteppei Stand Still II by XRlS
Fairy on the moon making butterflies by Ansigtsmaling to dream, perchance to dream by Pidimoro Obsession by bohomaz13
Sing For Me by KanchanCollage Minnie by TanyaShatseva Such was my girl by bohomaz13
Join me by XRlS Helena C. by Pidimoro Tea Fairy by EnysGuerrero
Kiss Me again by XRlS red shoes by bohomaz13 Pencil portrait of Georgia by LateStarter63
Tribute to Dominique Wetz by stevie-wydder

Do not forget to check the: RULES ->…  and  How & where to submit ->…
Also the SUBMITTING ISSUE & Promoting the group !…

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